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June 27, 2014

How to bring more natural light into your home

The indoor environment of a home or business can really be benefited if the building increases its use of natural lighting. Natural lighting is the utilization of the Sun’s light to provide illumination in a building over the use of electrical lights. There are many psychological and physical benefits to natural lighting. One is that using natural light will reduce home and building energy bills thanks to the building using less electrical lighting. Second, natural lighting is physically beneficial to the human body. The human eye reacts negatively to artificial light, while natural lightning relaxes the human eye. The human body also reacts positively to natural lightning by producing Vitamin D from the light’s contact with the skin and improving a person’s brain chemistry. This can help a person feel better physically and help their mind focus better. Finally, natural lightning is more aesthetically pleasing. Psychologically, people are more attracted to natural lightning than an artificial light source. With that mind, here are ways to bring more natural lightning into a home.

Glass On the Door

The doors that are across the home can have everything from small to large glass windows on them. This is especially useful for the front and back door of a home. By having glass placed on the door, some natural lightning can come into the area. Such an aesthetic choice can really help to add extra light to a home or building beyond the windows.

Transoms and Sidelights

Many homeowners may not want to have the main door to have glass on them. To keep that aesthetic and personal choice, many architects helped develop transoms and sidelights. Transoms are horizontal glass frames that are laid across the top of the door. Sidelights are vertical glass frames that are laid on the left and right sides of a door. With this design, the door will not have glass on it, but there will be windows on top or to the sides of the door. This will help bring in light near the door entrances of the home.

Patio Door and Light

If the homeowner has a patio, there are a number of door options that can be put in that will saturate the house with natural lightning. A Sliding door, garden door, and terrace door employ full door-size glass windows that will let it an incredible amount of light into the room connecting to the patio.

Add Style to the Glass

Direct natural lightning is great, but often many homeowners may become bored by just simple sunlight entering the house. That is why they may not invest in many custom windows or glass across the home. If, however, the homeowner purchases and uses decorative glass across parts of the home, then not only will natural lightning come in, it will come in with lively colors and textures reflected across the home.

Picture Windows

Picture windows, also known as fixed windows, are none opening windows that can be installed across a house. They are built to supply a window to look outside and to have well-lit grill or cam option to hold decorations and other items to improve the interior décor. In addition, these picture windows will allow natural light to come into the house.

Homeowners that want to lighten up their property can utilize a number of strategies to take in natural lighting. With different window and glass display options, its important to consult the experts over at TriCounty Exteriors. Our work over the last two decades has given our team the best insights to utilizing natural lighting for any type of home. We can help any homeowner with window replacement, windowm placement, and door options that can enhance a home’s natural lighting. Contact us today at

February 21, 2014

Further Improve Your Home With Energy Efficient Windows

When most homeowners consider going green, it is typically appliances that will first come to mind. It is the possessions throughout one’s property that notoriously drain huge amounts of energy such as washers, dryers, and water heaters. What many may be surprised to hear is just how effective energy efficient windows have become in recent years. For those that are currently deciding if these new windows are right for their own home or would like to know the difference between styles, here is a closer look at this exciting new addition into the environmentally conscious field.

How Do They Work?

While there are countless designs for replacement windows, the energy efficient styles work in a much different fashion than traditional windows. Most energy efficient products come with two or more panes along with a treatment or coating on the inside. This design not only helps to decrease the draft throughout a home, but it also will block UV rays from entering into the inside of the structure.

Saving Money with Energy Efficient Products

As with all other energy efficient products, the primary purpose of these windows is to cut down on the electrical and gas consumption of a home. By adding a second layer to the window and blocking UV rays, the air conditioning and heating units of a home will have a much better chance at regulating the temperature. When replacing older windows, these newer options may also help to decrease air entering or escaping the house through cracks. Finally, the UV protection will cut down on sun damage to possessions inside of the home such as paint, flooring, and furniture.

Styles of Energy Efficient Windows

There are a number of styles and designs that homeowners will be able to choose from, much like traditional windows. Common replacement windows can range from bay designs to slider designs and come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. There are also three different forms of technology that can be used including extreme low E, ultra triple pane, and ultimate triple pane. Extreme low E is typically the most popular due to their cost-to-benefit ratio while ultra triple pane and ultimate triple pane block 10 percent and 17 percent more UV rays respectively.

Whatever style or design is chosen, homeowners will almost immediately begin to see the benefits of these energy efficient products with lower heating and cooling bills.

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January 17, 2014

The Value of Purchasing Replacement Windows

If the windows in a home are fifteen to thirty years old, the homeowner may want to consider replacing them with more cost efficient ones. This can not only save money, but add value to the home if the owner is thinking about putting the house on the market. There are several other reasons for purchasing replacement windows such as:

  • The current windows are outdated or in disrepair

Older windows can become worn or faded and begin to look outdated. This can hurt the overall appearance of the home.

  • Outside elements are affecting the windows.

As a home settles and ages, areas around the windows can form small gaps. Rainwater sometimes enters through the windows, causing damage to the home’s interior. Condensation can also form between the glass panes of the window due to the rainfall or from the varying degrees of temperature inside and outside the home. This can also cause mildew to form, making the windows appear dirty.

  • To make the home more energy efficient.

Energy efficient windows can literally save the homeowner hundreds of dollars a year by reducing overall heating and cooling costs.

How to Get Overall Energy Efficiency When Replacing Existing Windows

There are a few factors to consider when replacing windows in the home:

  • Look for an NFRC label

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), is a non-profit independent organization that has a recognized performance rating system for doors, windows and skylights. An NRFC label means a window has been tested and approved by the organization as energy efficient. Listed on the labels are measurements that can help in determining the overall energy efficiency of the window. The U-factor, which refers to the window’s insulating properties and the Solar heat gain co-efficient (SHGC) rating. The SHGC indicates amount of heat the window can block out that comes directly from the sun.

  • Consider double or triple paned windows

Both double and triple paned windows help to greatly reduce heat loss because each kind comes with a vacuumed and sealed insulating air space between each layer. Make sure the windows also have glazing and coating which can help to further reduce heat loss or gain.

  • Hire the right contractor

Although there is several methods available for replacing existing windows, hiring a competent contractor will ensure the new windows are installed to be as energy efficient as possible.

Replacing windows is a huge investment. However, if done correctly, it can literally save thousands of dollars in energy bills over the years and can also significantly improve the overall appearance and value of the home.

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December 16, 2013

Enhance Your Home: Window Replacement Benefits

Rotted sills and hazy glass can ruin the integrity of the windows in a home. Over time, the declining condition of the windows can cause several problems. Not only will a substandard set of windows spoil the curb appeal of the property, the energy efficiency of home will also begin to suffer. In order to restore the home’s value, replacement windows will need to be installed. Here are some of the benefits of installing replacement windows.

UV Protection

The powerful ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause a lot of damage to the interior of a home. The floors, furniture, and walls risk being tarnished by the presence of the direct sunlight. In many instances, a home window replacement will offer superior protection from the sun.

Lower energy bill

Old windows have
a tendency to allow air to escape to the outside of the home. This means that the energy bill has the potential to skyrocket. To ensure that the home remains as energy-efficient as possible, the home will need low energy cost windows installed. The well-insulated windows will enable the heating and cooling system to operate much more effectively.

Natural lighting

The outdoor lighting can instantly elevate the mood of a home. Natural lighting also decreases the need to use any artificial light sources during the day. Replacement windows will be able to illuminate the entire home with an organic glow.

Reduces noise

The loud sound of construction or the rumbling of a powerful engine can get to be annoying after a while. Replacement windows offer outstanding noise reduction. It also provides the occupants of the home with an additional sense of privacy. They will not have to worry about upsetting a neighbor due to a loud television or stereo system.

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