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May 27, 2014

A new Roof May Be Cheaper than Roof Repair in the Long Term

The roof is one of the most vital parts of a home, providing protection from the elements. If the roof is damaged, this is not a repair that homeowners can afford to postpone. A leaky roof, for example, can cause untold damage throughout the home. If roof leak repair is not done promptly, the problems will only get worse. When considering any type of roof repair, the option of replacing the whole roof should be considered. In some cases, this is the more sensible and economical course of action. While repairing a roof will cost less in the short run than replacing it, this may not be the case when you consider the long term.

When to Repair a Roof

If a roof is basically in good condition, but has a small area of damage, repairs make sense. The cost will depend on the extent of the damage, and can run anywhere from a few dollars to fill some gaps to over $1,000 to repair a major leak. Repairs will often be covered by your home insurance policy. On the other hand, if the roof is old or worn out, insurance may not cover the repairs. Homeowners are expected to perform regular maintenance on their homes, and this includes replacing the roof when this becomes necessary.

When to Replace a Roof

There are certain signs that it’s time to get a new roof.

  • Roof is Nearing the End of its Expected Lifespan -Whether a roof is constructed with natural slate, asphalt shingles, metal or another material, it’s expected to last for a certain number of years. Beyond this point, spending money on repairs may not be the best option.
  • Recurring Problems -If roof leak repair is needed on a regular basis, this is a sign that the roof may need replacing.
  • Damage is Widespread -If multiple areas of the roof are damaged, it may be more economical to replace the entire roof.
  • Shingles are cracked or Fall Off Easily -When shingles show signs of serious wear, roof repair may be a futile endeavor.

Although the cost of a new roof can range anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000, depending on the type of materials used, there are definite benefits to replacing a roof rather than repairing it. For example, homeowners enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the roof construction is solid and they won’t have to worry about it for many years.

For homeowners that want to increase the value of their homes, a new roof is one of the best ways to do this. Even for those who plan to live in their homes for a long time, there is a dramatic improvement of curb appeal with a new roof. The decision whether to repair or replace a roof must be made carefully. It’s best, however, for homeowners to consider all of the options and think about the long term advantages of a new roof.

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