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April 14, 2014

Outdoor Patio Furniture Trends For 2014

Image via Wikimedia Commons

As the weather starts to warm up more and more people are getting out their outdoor patio furniture or buying new furniture for their decks, patios and porches. Outdoor furniture is great for relaxing and entertaining guests and there are colors and prints to make everyone happy. If you are planning to buy new furniture this spring or want to give your old furniture a makeover, you may want to let one of the 2014 patio furniture trends inspire you.

Furniture Pieces

This season, outdoor sectionals and conversation sets are more popular than ever. These pieces are perfect for large families or people who have a lot of parties, cookouts or get-togethers at their home. Since these pieces can tend to be expensive, it is best to choose a neutral color or pattern so you can add small details and bursts of colors with throw pillows or other accessories and easily change them when you are ready for something new. You can expect to find outdoor sectionals and conversation set prices starting at around $1200.


If you want to make sure your deck or patio is decorated with the most modern furniture, choose one of the hot colors of 2014. Black and white is always in style and a safe choice. Bold colors like teal and dark purple are also hot this year. You can even mix and match colors to make a statement on your deck or porch.


If you aren’t a fan of the chevron pattern, you may be in trouble. Chevrons are everywhere this spring from clothing to wallpaper and even patio furniture. There are numerous colors to choose from and you can always accent your pattern with a solid colored throw pillow. Large floral prints, stripes and paisley prints are also in style, along with bold, solid colored pieces. The 2014 spring outdoor patio furniture trends are all about being bright and bold and making a statement. Of course, you can always choose to come up with your own trend or combine your own tastes with current trends to come up with something fun and unique. Mannering Ellisha (2014 March 30) Outdoor Patio Furniture Trends For 2014 Retrieved on March 31,2014 From Webpronews.com