December 6, 2013

Exterior Home Renovation

Renovation is not just making your home prettier, it also makes it convenient. And it also improves and compliments your home’s interior renovation as well. If you’re looking to sell, or just improve, you need more than a nice paint job to close a deal.

It‘s also true that a prospective home buyer’s first impression is “curb appeal”. Just like seeing a classic car passing by, it’s hard not to turn your head in that direction. There’s nothing like an attractive exterior to entice people to look closer.

So what catches people’s attention to when they’re passing by? Believe it or not, a new door adds lots of appeal. Glass insets or side-lites can bring natural light into your home, adding a unique and elegant addition to the traditional “wood and knocker” entry way.

Then consider the rest of the exterior. A wood exterior is appealing, but time, age and insects can ruin the look, making a house look dingy, fragile and unkempt. Having the exterior replaced or renovated makes a better first impression, and adds style and elegance. A professional renovator can offer several options – replacing the old wood with new, or with vinyl siding that won’t require repainting and replacement can save money as well in the long run.

Another often ignored element is the garage. A Renovator can remodel so that it doesn’t shout “GARAGE!” but an architectural extension that complements the home
and surroundings.

Landscaping can also provide added appeal. Overgrown bushes and large “shade” trees can create dark spots and make the outside of the house look forbidding. A well kept lawn adds color, space and sunlight, opening up the space and making it look larger and more inviting. A lighted walkway to the front door is inviting, and adds class. Whether you wish to sell or just add some style and comfort. An experienced home renovator can make the Old Home your Dream Home.

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