November 28, 2016

What You Need To Consider When Buying Exterior Doors

What You Need To Consider When Buying Exterior Doors

Your exterior doors are what is visible to the rest of the world. They are what people see as they walk up to your home. Exterior doors create curb appeal, energy efficiency and provide an entryway into your home.

You want to choose doors that match your style, your home and offer guests a warm welcome. Because there are so many options to choose from, there are a few tips you need to consider before choosing your doors.

Door Replacement

If your exterior doors have cracks, are warped or rotting or have holes and scratches, it is easy to see that they need to be replaced. However, other door issues may not be as evident. Check to see if there are drafts entering your home around the doors by holding a match, candle or lighter close to the seams of the door and moving it around. If the flame flickers, your door has a draft and should be replaced.

Door Terminology

When you begin looking at outside doors, you may be confused by some of the terminology used. Some common terms used by door manufacturers have the following meaing:

  • Caming – Strips of metal are used to join segmented glass
  • Casing or trim – The moulding that surrounds the doorframe
  • Inswing – The door opens in
  • Left Handed – The hinges on the door are on the right side
  • Lite – There is glass in the door
  • Outswing – The door opens out
  • Panels – Rectangular patterns on the door used for decorative purposes
  • Right Handed – The hinges on the door are on the left side
  • Stop – A strip of wood around the door that keeps it from opening too far

Good First Impression

The first and last thing a guest sees in your home is your entry door. You want that door to make a good first impression. One thing to determine is the best material for your entry door to be sure it is durable and will make that good first impression for many years. Wood gives your home a traditional look but they are expensive and can be costly to maintain. They are also prone to warping and rotting. Steel doors are strong and durable, resistant to fire and do not warp or crack. They are also less expensive than wooden doors. However, steel doors can be boring and must be painted to give an attractive appearance. This means repainting them over time as paint fades or chips. Fiberglass doors are available in styles that look like real wood but without the cost or maintenance. Steel and fiberglass doors are the most energy efficient.

Other Outside Doors

It is important to remember that your front door is not the only entry door for your home. Patio doors are also important as they provide access to your backyard, deck or patio. There are many options for patio doors including sliding doors that allow ample light and ventilation. You can also get swinging doors with large glass panels that allow in natural light. If you have space, a French door leading to your patio can add an elegant touch.

Storm Doors and Hardware

Two things to keep in mind when choosing your exterior doors are a storm door and the hardware you will use. Storm doors are a door’s best friend as they protect your door from the elements. A storm door is critical if you have decided to use wooden doors. They also add a layer of insulation to your door. You also want to be sure to choose doorbells, locks, glass and doorknobs that highlight your door and your home décor.

If you need to replace your outside doors, contact us by phone or through our simple query form to learn what options are available. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right doors for your home.

June 27, 2014

How to bring more natural light into your home

The indoor environment of a home or business can really be benefited if the building increases its use of natural lighting. Natural lighting is the utilization of the Sun’s light to provide illumination in a building over the use of electrical lights. There are many psychological and physical benefits to natural lighting. One is that using natural light will reduce home and building energy bills thanks to the building using less electrical lighting. Second, natural lighting is physically beneficial to the human body. The human eye reacts negatively to artificial light, while natural lightning relaxes the human eye. The human body also reacts positively to natural lightning by producing Vitamin D from the light’s contact with the skin and improving a person’s brain chemistry. This can help a person feel better physically and help their mind focus better. Finally, natural lightning is more aesthetically pleasing. Psychologically, people are more attracted to natural lightning than an artificial light source. With that mind, here are ways to bring more natural lightning into a home.

Glass On the Door

The doors that are across the home can have everything from small to large glass windows on them. This is especially useful for the front and back door of a home. By having glass placed on the door, some natural lightning can come into the area. Such an aesthetic choice can really help to add extra light to a home or building beyond the windows.

Transoms and Sidelights

Many homeowners may not want to have the main door to have glass on them. To keep that aesthetic and personal choice, many architects helped develop transoms and sidelights. Transoms are horizontal glass frames that are laid across the top of the door. Sidelights are vertical glass frames that are laid on the left and right sides of a door. With this design, the door will not have glass on it, but there will be windows on top or to the sides of the door. This will help bring in light near the door entrances of the home.

Patio Door and Light

If the homeowner has a patio, there are a number of door options that can be put in that will saturate the house with natural lightning. A Sliding door, garden door, and terrace door employ full door-size glass windows that will let it an incredible amount of light into the room connecting to the patio.

Add Style to the Glass

Direct natural lightning is great, but often many homeowners may become bored by just simple sunlight entering the house. That is why they may not invest in many custom windows or glass across the home. If, however, the homeowner purchases and uses decorative glass across parts of the home, then not only will natural lightning come in, it will come in with lively colors and textures reflected across the home.

Picture Windows

Picture windows, also known as fixed windows, are none opening windows that can be installed across a house. They are built to supply a window to look outside and to have well-lit grill or cam option to hold decorations and other items to improve the interior décor. In addition, these picture windows will allow natural light to come into the house.

Homeowners that want to lighten up their property can utilize a number of strategies to take in natural lighting. With different window and glass display options, its important to consult the experts over at TriCounty Exteriors. Our work over the last two decades has given our team the best insights to utilizing natural lighting for any type of home. We can help any homeowner with window replacement, windowm placement, and door options that can enhance a home’s natural lighting. Contact us today at