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Tri-County Exteriors is a company built with dedication to providing unmatched customer service and satisfaction in home maintenance and remodeling. We have over 40 years of experience transforming the dreams of each homeowner into an attainable reality. If you need to make upgrades or improvements to your roofing, siding, stone facing, decks, or windows and doors do not hesitate to call the best in the Willow Grove, P.A.


  • Professional Roof Installation and Repair in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania

The roof is one of the most valuable parts of the home, yet some people do not make the effort to make sure that it stays healthy. Leak repair, re-roofing, and full roof installation are a small part of the services we provide to keep your home protected from the outside elements. We take care of everything from helping you make the most educated decisions for maintaining your roof throughout the years of wear and tear.

  • Professional Siding Installation and Repair in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania

Living in a great looking home is as important as the quality and durability of outer materials. There are over a dozen different options, each with its own unique style and texture to add a touch of uniqueness to the overall curb appeal. Not only do we offer the best brands on the market, our technicians are proud to help customers make tough decisions with ease.

  • Professional Window and Door Installation and Replacement in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania

The openings of a home are simple to change and upgrade with the right help to provide an aesthetic advantage to functionality. If you’ve always dreamed of big bay windows and upscale french doors, our professionals are ready to give you a free consultation to start the transformation.

  • Professional Stone Facing and Brick Veneer Installation, Remodeling and Renovation in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania

Stucco and brick veneer are durable materials that instantly add value and elegance to the outside of any home. Add long-lasting beauty to any exterior remodeling job, from a new fireplace to stone walls.

  • Professional Custom Deck Installation and Repair in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania

Tri-County-Exteriors-Stone-FacingA budget-friendly deck crafted to your preference in material and style along with our team’s expertise is sure to give your family an addition that will be enjoyed for years. Whether you need a deck to surround your pool, or simply want a platform deck for entertaining, we are ready to bring your ideas to life.

Fill out our simple contact form to get the ball rolling to improve your home with the help of our dedicated team of experts. Your trust matters to us and we are ready to work together to find solutions to your unique situation.

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