Simple DIY Decorating Projects You Can Do This Weekend!

Simple DIY Decorating Projects You Can Do This Weekend

There are a lot of benefits to tackling household projects yourself, especially when it comes to the financial aspect.

Start with simple projects that are easy enough for every skill level, and save a considerable amount of money buying the materials from a local hardware store.

Each of our ideas can be completed within a weekend from the beginning to the end.

Freshen Up the Flooring

Whether you have a hard surface or cushioned carpet throughout the house, adding area rugs and runners is a cheap and easy way to add style. This is the perfect project when winter is around the corner because rugs add comfort and insulation in any room.

Add Crown Molding

Make any room seem larger than it really is with the easy addition of crown molding. Hardware stores usually have corner pieces that simplify the do-it-yourself installation to complete a very clean look. It might be a good idea to update the existing baseboards to look more modern and match the color of the crown molding.

Clean and Decorate the Fireplace

The majority of the year, the fireplace only serves as a decoration in the center of the room. Once the cold weather has passed for the year, thoroughly clean the fireplace so that it can be decorated with indoor plants or artwork. If you are up to a larger project, you could take the opportunity to change the appearance of the fireplace with paint.

Organize and Redecorate Shelving and Bookcases

If you are like most homeowners with cluttered shelves, spend the day organizing all of the videos and books. It is going to be a major improvement when the shelves look tidy, and it will be much easier to locate specific items. Don’t be afraid to throw anything out that you no longer have an interest in using to free up some space.

Change up the Lamp Shades

Some of the most beautiful lamp shades look like a carefully planned art project. There’s no reason to spend a lot on new lamp shades with a few artistic additions to your existing decor. Add new fabric or adorn the lamp shades with beads so that it adds more uniqueness to the entire room.

Update Cabinet Hardware in the Kitchen

Antique knobs and handles can start to look drab if everything else has been updated. There is an entire aisle in the hardware store dedicated to cabinet and drawer hardware that you could easily install within a few minutes. The most time consuming part of this project is choosing between some of the great looking styles that are available.

Install a Tile Backsplash in the Kitchen

A longer weekend project involves picking out ceramic tiles to create a brand new backsplash. It might start off slow, but it should move along steadily once you get the hang of the installation process. Placing your own tile is going to cut a lot of the cost out of make a major improvement in the kitchen.

Make Picture Frames Uniform

Collecting new frames throughout a few years is pretty much a guarantee that they are mismatched. Without going through the trouble of replacing each of them with new frames, take everything down and add some paint. When everything is a unified color, they will give off the impression that they are all matching.

Redesign the Bedroom Decor

Pick out a few items that you would like to change in the bedroom and start redecorating. It doesn’t take long to add a fresh coat of paint, and then you can find matching curtains and a new comforter. By updating major visual elements, it will freshen up the entire room in as little as one weekend.

What Is The Best Color For My Roof?

What Is The Best Color For My Roof

It’s not always easy to find the perfect colors for your new roofing installation, especially when you discover how many choices are out there. Not only do you have to choose the right color, there are even more shades and color combinations to decide among.

A new roof has the potential to last more than 20 years, so it’s important to make a decision that you can live with long-term.

The Light vs. Dark Debate

In any area with really hot summers, possible heat retention in the roof can be a big concern. Dark colors are known to absorb heat from the sun, with solid black shingles being 10 degrees hotter than plain white. The difference in grays and browns are considerably less significant so there really is no sense in worrying about anything except quality and style.

Match Shingles to Your Brick

It’s always possible to change the color of shutters or wall paint, but the exterior bricks never change. Most homeowners start finding attractive options by comparing samples with the existing brick before taking paint colors into consideration.

Find a Material That Looks Good With the Exterior Paint Color

If you do plan to freshen up the paint on the outside of your home, it’s a smart idea to compare each of these different styles. Put a paint sample next to the roofing material options to find a combination that is appealing to your preference.

Add Dimension with a Complementary Color

Matching roofing too closely with brick or siding is going to make the house look dull and lifeless. A little variation is a very good thing because it defines the different materials for a more interesting visual.

Don’t Rule Out the Simple Colors

There is no requirement stating that shingles have to be multicolored or feature some type of pattern. Rather than risk making the house look too busy, use a simple shingle style to tone down the different exterior elements. If the home features a lot of neutrals, it would be a good idea to make sure that the shingles do stand out on their own.

Compare Shingles in Different Lighting

Brick, shingles, and siding all take on a slightly different look when comparing them in shade and direct sunlight. View samples at different times during the day to be sure that any variations do not throw off the overall harmony.

Keep Resale Value in Mind

Pleasing your personal style is important, but it is valuable to consider a broader audience if you ever plan to sell. A unique shade of green might be your favorite option, but it’s going to be a tough sell for a lot of buyers. Neutral is always a safe way to protect the resale value of your home when investing in a new roof.

3 Things That Nobody Told You About Metal Roofing

3 Things That Nobody Told You About Metal Roofing

Metal is a traditional roofing option that has recently grown even more popular than before. It looks great and offers so many benefits, such as fire resistance and energy efficient home cooling. There is very little leak potential when installed correctly, and the material is actually designed to make the task very simple.

Some roofing materials are very heavy and do not suit the foundation of all homes, but metal is versatile and lightweight. This benefit does not come at the cost of sacrificing strength because it offers maximum wind resistance. Metal will never become weak from water damage, extreme heat, ice, snow, or other adverse conditions that damage less durable roofs.

Expected Lifespan of a Metal Roof

Every homeowner that is making an investment in a new roof wants to know that they are getting a product that will last. With adequate maintenance throughout the years, metal is expected to last a minimum of 50 years before needing a replacement.

Compared to other roofs, it is not going to lose value over time or begin to deteriorate through years of changing weather conditions.

Types of Metal Roofing Materials

Each of the material options has different properties that vary in durability and appearance, with a price difference as well. Steel is one of the more conventional options that can be sealed with a rust and corrosion-proof coating. It is finished with paint to offer a bit of style variation when this material is preferred.

If you are more interested in a high-end metal, there are other options available at a larger expense. Considering the value of a roof that will last at least half a century, it might not be such a bad idea to splurge on one of these options:

Stainless-steel – The matte gray finish is a signature look for the metal material that will never rust or corrode.
Alloy – Emphasis on strength, durability, and weather-resistance makes alloy a very worthwhile roofing investment.
Copper – With a very unique look, copper does not require a special finish to offer rust resistance or graceful weathering.

Metal Panel Roofing or Metal Shingles

Style is the biggest factor when deciding if you prefer panel or shingles for your metal roof. The panel option is easy to recognize for the sleek style that does not deviate from the traditional metal appearance.

Metal shingles actually come in a multitude of styles that are made to imitate wood shakes, slate, and other weaker options without sacrificing any of the positive qualities.