Increase Your Home’s Value with a New Roof

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Homeowners often look to bathroom or kitchen remodeling projects to boost a home’s value, but a new roof is another viable option. The exterior of the home is the first thing buyers see as they pull up for an open house. Depending on the roof type and local real estate values, a new roof may increase a home’s value from 15 to 40 percent. Several factors influence this percentage, however, which should be considered as owners select materials and a contractor.

Color Palette

Roof materials are not relegated to basic brown or black hues. Take a look at alternative colors that match the overall exterior decor. Try green, red or orange as a roofing color. Making a home stand out increases the chances of a rapid sale at a desired price.

Material Type

If a home is located in a more expensive real estate area, select high-end roofing materials, including ceramic or clay tiles. For most homes, owners select composite asphalt shingles. This budget-friendly material comes in several colors along with good durability for many years. Along with durability, these roofs have a long warranty that is a perk when selling the home. With the guarantee that the material is new and covered with a manufacturer’s warranty, a buyer has the
assurance of a sturdy rooftop.

Energy Benefits

If the new roof is installed by a quality contractor, it should have an insulating effect on the home. For example, the home remains cool in the summer and warm during the winter. Poorly constructed roofs allow drafts to whisk interior air away and cause high energy bills to compensate for the loss. Solar shingle materials are also available. Acting as miniature solar panels, contractors intersperse this roof material with regular shingle sections to lower energy bills with solar energy absorption.

Curb Appeal

The home’s overall style either draws buyers in or deflects them. Choose roof materials that have an interesting style, but with a timeless appearance. Bold angles and colors may turn some buyers off. Keep the contractor’s advertising sign handy for open houses. Stating that the roof is new with the associated contractor’s contact information, these small signs catch buyers’ eyes and remind them of the value topping the home.

Consider replacing the roof before listing a property. A clean and newly installed roof makes a statement before buyers open the door. It also reflects on the care of the entire structure, enticing buyers to place a bid immediately.

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Types of Stone Facing

Vinyl and wood siding each have their own benefits, but stone facing is quickly growing in popularity to replace these options. In fact, stone was used for centuries not only as the main structure for the homes but also only on the outside as a facing. Today, facing is available in a wide variety of types, colors, and styles.

Natural stones are one option you can choose. It is often selected because it is not uniform. Patterns, colors, sizes, and shapes all differ from piece to piece. These stones provide a high level of durability. The biggest downfall is in the weight and installation. These stones, in bulk, add a lot of weight to the home’s structure and outer walls. They also take more time to install, mainly because you have to fit the inconsistent pieces together, kind of like a puzzle. The remaining gaps are filled with mortar.

Stone Veneer has many of the same benefits of natural stones. They are also made by nature, but the difference is in the cutting. This particular form of natural stones are much thinner because they are cut in thin slices from the original pieces. Since they are thinner, they weigh a lot less. Veneer stones also have an inconsistent shape and size that must be considered during installation.

Faux brick or stone can also be chosen. These “fake” versions are manufactured to present consumers with a less expensive option without sacrificing the look of real stones. There are several different types available. You could choose versions made of a polyurethane blend that comes in sheets that interlock or line up for easy installation. Other versions involve tinting concrete and pouring it into molds that create sheets. Regardless of which type you choose, they are often made to mimic the natural look.

When you are choosing a facing for your home, it is important to consider your budget and the installation difficulty, especially if you plan on handling the installation on your own. Due to the rising popularity of this facing, the curb appeal and value of your home may increase. It is a good idea, particularly when choosing natural stones, to have a professional come out and inspect your home to make sure it is possible to use the types of stones you have chosen.

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Adding a deck: A cost-effective way to protect your home’s value

Protecting your home’s value in a restless real estate market may seem daunting. There are some easy remedies to restore strong property values on a home in today’s market. Homeowners everywhere constantly preserve their home value by focusing on a project that involves a remodel at their current property. All homeowners should consider building an outdoor living space to accomplish this task. A deck is the most consistently rewarding home improvement project that is cost-effective and improves the value of your residence. When compared to other home improvement projects, there is significantly less time involved with building this type of outdoor addition.

When a homeowner attempts to sell their house, having an outdoor structure like that can be a powerful selling point. For homeowners who plan on living on their house for many years, this space can be an excellent space utilized for parties. In many ways, this outside space is ideal for entertaining guests. And instead of spending money on expensive vacations, homeowners can spend quality time on their new outdoor addition. Typical accessories for this space include furniture, a barbecue, carpeting and flowerpots. And during the construction, some of these accessories can be built in the space when you remodel for it.

Although there is certainly some important maintenance that must be completed to preserve the beauty of this space, it is still significantly less time-consuming when compared to the maintenance of building a new room in a house. The maintenance of this outside space includes winterizing to protect against the brutally cold elements of winter. One tool that is used to clean the space is a pressure-washer. Homeowners who would like to make sure that this space is properly clean should also use oxygen cleaner instead of bleach. The oxygen cleaner will protect the wood and make the space look brand new.

This addition is the perfect outdoor living space for sustaining the value of a home. And best of all, this type of space is constructed to uniquely fit your home. A quality one in the yard of a house can add tremendous value to any home within any neighborhood.

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Enhance Your Home: Window Replacement Benefits

Rotted sills and hazy glass can ruin the integrity of the windows in a home. Over time, the declining condition of the windows can cause several problems. Not only will a substandard set of windows spoil the curb appeal of the property, the energy efficiency of home will also begin to suffer. In order to restore the home’s value, replacement windows will need to be installed. Here are some of the benefits of installing replacement windows.

UV Protection

The powerful ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause a lot of damage to the interior of a home. The floors, furniture, and walls risk being tarnished by the presence of the direct sunlight. In many instances, a home window replacement will offer superior protection from the sun.

Lower energy bill

Old windows have
a tendency to allow air to escape to the outside of the home. This means that the energy bill has the potential to skyrocket. To ensure that the home remains as energy-efficient as possible, the home will need low energy cost windows installed. The well-insulated windows will enable the heating and cooling system to operate much more effectively.

Natural lighting

The outdoor lighting can instantly elevate the mood of a home. Natural lighting also decreases the need to use any artificial light sources during the day. Replacement windows will be able to illuminate the entire home with an organic glow.

Reduces noise

The loud sound of construction or the rumbling of a powerful engine can get to be annoying after a while. Replacement windows offer outstanding noise reduction. It also provides the occupants of the home with an additional sense of privacy. They will not have to worry about upsetting a neighbor due to a loud television or stereo system.

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Three Reasons to Light Your Outdoor Living Space

When many people imagine their dream deck, they picture how big it will be, what color it’ll be, how many levels it will have, what they’ll do on it. But most of the time, they don’t think about how they will light their deck. Sure, your standard porch light will light your deck. Without using a harsh floodlight, however, it’s likely that portions of your deck are in shadows. Here are three reasons you should consider built-in lighting for your deck.

Safety First

As the days grow longer so do your deck parties. But twilight shifts to night pretty quickly and the edges of your deck can be hard to see, which can be dangerous even if your deck sits on the ground. Recessed deck accent lighting can be used to define the edges of your deck, helping to ensure that nobody accidentally walks over the edge because they don’t know where it is. Another potential danger in the dark is your stairs. Riser lighting is available to illuminate each step, for added safety and awareness.

Mood Lighting


Nothing beats spending a date night out on the deck, but the harsh light from a porch light can really ruin a romantic dinner. With remote-controlled dimmable in-deck lights, you can easily adjust the level of light to match the mood (and maybe limit the number of six-legged guests)!

A New Level of Sophistication


The difference between an average deck and an outdoor living space is all in the details. Built-in deck lighting brings a design together and adds a level of sophistication that a standard back porch light cannot. Lighting in your railing posts, stair risers and recessed into the deck elevate a deck from average to exceptional.

Plate Samantha (2013 July 18)Three Reasons to Light Your Outdoor Living Space. Retrieved December 05, 2013 From Fiberondecking/blog.

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If It’s Not Leaking, Why Does My Roof Need to Be Replaced?

A leaking roof is the most obvious sign that it’s time to replace your roof, but it’s hardly the only one. Many of these signs will eventually lead to a leaking roof, but identifying these problems early enough can prevent water damage and save you money for your roof replacement project. Sometimes this early intervention can also be the difference between repairing your roof and replacing your roof. You should consider part of this decision, however, the age of the roof, otherwise you may find roof repair a constant burden.

Signs of an Impending Leaking Roof

Missing or torn shingles expose the roof to water damage and rot, and make nearby shingles more susceptible to being blown away. Old shingles will curl, split and lose their waterproofing effectiveness. These weakened shingles are more likely to be blown away by wind gusts. Rusted or missing flashing can result in a leaking roof. Flashing is the metal that surrounds chimneys, skylights and vent pipes and often is found in the valleys where roof sections meet. Check gutters, downspouts and splash pans for evidence of decay or damage. Broken pieces of paint and scraps of roofing may be visible. Indoors, look for discolored plasterboard or cracked paint and peeling wallpaper.

Replace a Roof without Removing the Roof

You have two main roof replacement options: You can either remove the old roof or put a new roof down on top of the old one. Putting a new roof down on top of the old one is almost always cheaper but often doesn’t last as long—a typical situation where you get what you pay for. However, some considerations can make one choice better than the other. If you have more than two roofing layers already present, your roof can get heavy, cumbersome, and the sub-layers may end up rotting through to the point where your new roof is no longer stable. Pickett. M (2013) If It’s Not Leaking, Why Does My Roof Need to Be Replaced? DIYNetwork-A ROOF OVER YOUR HEAD: MATERIALS FOR THE ROOF. Retrieved November 22, 2013 From Click contact us for more information Contact Us

Exterior Home Renovation

Renovation is not just making your home prettier, it also makes it convenient. And it also improves and compliments your home’s interior renovation as well. If you’re looking to sell, or just improve, you need more than a nice paint job to close a deal.

It‘s also true that a prospective home buyer’s first impression is “curb appeal”. Just like seeing a classic car passing by, it’s hard not to turn your head in that direction. There’s nothing like an attractive exterior to entice people to look closer.

So what catches people’s attention to when they’re passing by? Believe it or not, a new door adds lots of appeal. Glass insets or side-lites can bring natural light into your home, adding a unique and elegant addition to the traditional “wood and knocker” entry way.

Then consider the rest of the exterior. A wood exterior is appealing, but time, age and insects can ruin the look, making a house look dingy, fragile and unkempt. Having the exterior replaced or renovated makes a better first impression, and adds style and elegance. A professional renovator can offer several options – replacing the old wood with new, or with vinyl siding that won’t require repainting and replacement can save money as well in the long run.

Another often ignored element is the garage. A Renovator can remodel so that it doesn’t shout “GARAGE!” but an architectural extension that complements the home
and surroundings.

Landscaping can also provide added appeal. Overgrown bushes and large “shade” trees can create dark spots and make the outside of the house look forbidding. A well kept lawn adds color, space and sunlight, opening up the space and making it look larger and more inviting. A lighted walkway to the front door is inviting, and adds class. Whether you wish to sell or just add some style and comfort. An experienced home renovator can make the Old Home your Dream Home.

Knott, Craig (2013 December) Exterior Home Renovation. Retrieved December 5, 2013, From Houseworksunlimited.

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Deck Maintenance Tips

If your deck is showing some wear and tear after being exposed to the weather for a few years, make it look new again by applying a little first aid. Here’s the to-do list:


Before making any repairs to the deck, remove dirt and wood fibers with a pressure washer. When using one, be sure to keep the pressure stream moving. Otherwise, you could gouge the wood. Allow the deck to dry overnight.

Fix nail pops

If you encounter a nail that has worked loose from a board, remove the nail with a cat’s paw or a hammer. Use a screw that’s longer than the nail to reattach the board.

Repair split wood

If you have a board that’s split down the middle, mark the damaged board next to the leading edge of the first support joist that’s completely past the split. Be sure not to mark an area that’s directly over a joist or you could damage your saw when you begin cutting.

Cut the board with a jigsaw, remove the nails or deck screws and remove the damaged wood. Use deck screws to attach a pressure-treated 2-by-4-inch support block to the joist. The support block will hold the replacement board in position. Cut a replacement board to size, pre-drill and fasten it to the support block and joists with deck screws.

Your replacement board may appear to be higher and wider than the existing wood, but it should shrink as it loses moisture. If the board still appears to be higher than the surrounding boards after being in place for a few weeks, you can smooth it down with a belt sander. Be sure that all nail or screw heads are recessed into the wood before you begin sanding.

Stain and seal

Even though pressure-treated lumber resists insects and decay, it’s still vulnerable to moisture and the sun’s rays. To preserve it without changing the color, use s clear wood preservative that contains a UV protector, which will bring new life to the surface while protecting it from the elements. If you want to add color, use an exterior stain first. Exterior stains come in both solid and semi-transparent finishes. Always use the semi-transparent for the decking area, but try a solid color if you want to highlight railings or banisters; it ends up looking like a painted finish. Exterior stains are available in oil or latex, and both provide fade and

mildew resistance.

Wearing protective eyewear and gloves, apply preservative or stain with a roller or a brush. Let the product sit on the wood decking for about 20 minutes so that it has time to penetrate, and then go back over the surface with a brush to give the deck a more consistent finish (this also helps get rid of any puddles that will dry as shiny patches). Apply a second coat for good coverage and protection.

Allow the deck to dry for 48 hours, and then apply a sealant.

DIYNetwork-Deck Maintenance Tips. Retrieved November 22, 2013 From DIYNetwork. Click contact us for more information.

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